Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Toddler Tuesdays--and My First Cricut Project Share!

Welcome to Toddler Tuesday!

We were past the toddler stage. Our kids were seven and five and we were confidently moving forward into the world of big kids... and then we found out we were adding a new member to our family. And so when the big kids were eight and almost six, a new little guy joined our family and now we are starting all over!

We have found that homeschooling with a toddler in the house is a serious challenge. He doesn't want to be left alone. He is very confused and jealous when the rest of us have things to do other than entertain him! He is a true baby of the family, and he thinks the rest of us live to entertain him.

I have started putting together toddler games for him to play during school time. Some of them are my own creations and some are the result of too many hours on Pinterest. I plan to share a new idea every Tuesday. Follow along and grow your collection of quiet activities for your toddler. We personally use ours during school time but there are so many uses! I know some people who need to keep kids in church use them to keep kids quiet during the service (thankfully my church has a nursery and kids classes during adult service so I have never had to face this challenge!). Others use them in waiting rooms or at restaurants. Of course, you can use them any time you need your toddler to be quiet and somewhat still!

My first Toddler Tuesday Project was made using the Cricut.

The two images I purchased were:

Crayon #M3AAD1


Card Holder Tag #M3AA2B

Each image was $0.99 so you can make this project for $1.98 plus four pieces of card stock.

If you have a Cricut Explore and have Design Space installed on your computer, you can easily cut this project using this link:  Crayon Toddler Busy Bag Game. I designed it to fit 8.5x11 card stock so that you don't need 12x12 to get it done. You will also need a Cricut scoring tool to make the fold lines and a pen that fits the Cricut machine. Personally, I use regular Crayola skinny markers. The plain old white ones you probably have around the house. The washable ones don't fit right but the regular ones work fabulous, write better than the Cricut pens, are so much cheaper and come in more colors!

To make the crayons last longer, I also laminated them. I couldn't laminate the pouches because then you wouldn't be able to slide the crayons inside. They seem to be holding up OK.

To play, just mix up all the crayons and have your toddler try to put them away in the correct pouches. My toddler likes to pretend they need to go to bed and put them to sleep!

If you don't have a Cricut, don't fret! A quick google search for "card holder template" and "crayon template" brought up tons of images to print and color. You can print them on color card stock (so much cheaper than printing in color!) and get the same finished product.

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