Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pooh Bear Hat!

I love AA Milne. I love the original Pooh stories and I love all the poetry, too. When my oldest was a baby, I decorated her nursery in Classic Pooh. Love, love, love.

So when a customer requested that I make a Pooh hat, I was obviously excited!

I knew I wanted to use bulky yarn, similar in style to the Polar Bear hats I'd made in the past. And then I decided that the pattern I used for those hats would be a great jumping off point for my Pooh hat.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Granny Square Button Bracelet

Ah, the granny square. I'm guessing that 's how a lot of us first learned how to crochet. I used to make countless squares. But never enough to actually make a blanket. And in the days before the wonders of the Internet, I had no idea how many cool things you could do with a granny square!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me IN!

One of the most fun thing about character and animal hats is that they do more than keep your head warm. They are actually fantastic additions to a dress up collection. My kids are addicted to dress up games and we have an awesome collection. When other kids come over, pretty much all they ever want to do is play dress up. I do a lot of clearance shopping after Halloween to boost our collection but now I'm going to be adding some hats! And the first one I'm adding to the collection is a piggy hat that's perfect for playing Three Little Pigs! This hat is super easy to make!