Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Colorful Textured Cowl

I'm back! I missed writing this blog so much but life really just got in the way for awhile. Nothing bad happened but life got really busy for awhile. We were making some big changes in our home school life, my littlest had some health issues, and thanks to some success with my Etsy shop, we got to take a bonus trip to Disney World! Anyway, on with the fun...

I bought a skein of Red Heart Soft Deep Sea without a particular project in mind. It was on sale and the color just really struck me. I've had it for several months, but with fulfilling Christmas orders for customers, I just didn't have time to create anything new. Today I finally had time to sit down and play with it and came up with a quick and easy textured cowl. I used a J hook because honestly, I'm impatient and a J hook just gets the job done a little faster than the H or I... Plus with the texture of this, I thought making the stitches a little bigger was a good thing.

I've been obsessed with the texture of this particular stitch pattern, although I can't figure out exactly what it's called. Whatever it is, it's pretty quick and easy and gives a far more interesting result than just rows of double crochet stitches.

Supplies Needed:
J Hook
One or two skeins of worsted weight yarn
Yarn Needle

Ch = chain
dc=double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sc = single crochet

Chain 111. (If you want to make an infinity scarf instead of a cowl, chain 300.) Slip stitch to first chain to join, being careful that the loop formed isn't twisted.

Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as first dc). Skip one chain and dc into the next chain. Ch 1. *dc in next, ch 1, skip next stitch.*  Repeat * * around. You will end up with a pattern that looks like little windows like this:

Round 2: This round will also be worked into the foundation chain. The first stitch will be a dc into the chain between the ch 3 and first dc of round 1 then ch 1. 

The next dc will be worked into the next unworked stitch from the foundation chain. Ch 1. Continue to *dc, ch1* around, working all dc into the chain stitches skipped while working round 1. When you reach the end of round 1, all the stitches of the foundation row will have stitches worked in them. 

 Round 3: The first dc of round 3 will be worked into the ch 3 that counted as the first dc in round 1. Ch 1. The next dc will be worked into the first actual dc of round 1. Continue to *dc, ch 1* around, working all dc into the dc stitches from round 1. Basically instead of working into the previous row like you would normally do, you will drop down two rows. Do not just work into the ch 1 space but actually go all the way down into that dc stitch below the ch 1 space. Do not join, continue working in rounds.

Round 4-23 (or so): Continue the pattern of *dc, ch 1*, working all dc into the dc two rows below it. Personally I think that this would look awesome with 30 rows or more but I ran out of yarn at about 23 rows so I had to stop! If you had two skeins of the same color, you could make this much thicker. For the scarf version, I think about 20 rows would suffice since you would be doubling it up.

Last Row: *hdc into the dc from two rows below, sc into the next dc from previous row*. Repeat around. This will fill in the gaps made by the ch 1 spaces from the second to last row.  At the end of the round, slip stitch to join and finish off. Weave in loose ends and enjoy!

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